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Why Choose Us?

With changing times, everything is getting digitalized, from virtual portfolios to virtual interviews. Gradually traditional resumes are also being replaced by digitalized resumes. Our Professional Portfolio Website is your social presence on the World Wide Web; your website will help you connect with prospective employers, brands, companies, and counterparts from across the world.

What do you get?

Nowadays an increasing number of employers, recruiters, and HR personnel are searching for prospective employees using the web. Your professional website will open the door for new opportunities and expand your horizons by helping you get noticed by employers and companies from all around the globe.

What do we get?

While we don’t commit you a job, we can help you stand apart from others in today’s highly competitive job market scenario. You get a professional website uniquely designed to highlight your qualifications, skills, experience, projects, and accomplishments and we get a platform to showcase our skills and creativity through your website.

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With 10 years of success in the  Staffing Industry, Jobeela is the agency that you can trust. If you’re looking for a recruitment firm that actually listens – we are here for you.  We offer an extremely personalized service that provides opportunities that will fit you, your personality, and your skill set.

Through our in-depth testing and interview process, our candidates feel confident and at ease knowing that their skillet and personality are properly assessed and matched for culture fit.

We are just as selective with the employers we choose to do business with.  With a 95% success rate, you can tell we have your best interest at heart.


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These days, employers have become more tech savvy and they are progressively searching for candidates online. As a fresher, your portfolio is an opportunity to showcase your skills, capabilities, credentials and more. An attractive, finely designed, and detailed web portfolio is better than a dull resume.

At this level, having a professional portfolio website is a huge advantage when you are looking for change or growth in your career. A beautifully designed portfolio website places proper focus on your abilities and attracts the attention of an employer by ensuring them that you meet their requirements. Portfolio website developers at Jobeela can help construct you a website that’s perfect for you.

At this stage of your career, a professional portfolio website will reflect your position, years of experience and showcase your successful projects/ventures. At Jobeela, we will assign you a senior portfolio designer who will create a website best suited to your role and position. It’s our responsibility to not only showcase your best work, but also tell the employer your story through your projects, your goals, and your strengths

Our Work Process

Step 1

After you avail the service, you will receive a welcome call from our team

Step 2

Email us your updated resume along with CIS and other relevant details and certificates

Step 3

A dedicated relationship Manager will assign to you , who will be sharing the Related Job Descriptions with you on a span of given time.

Step 4

As you will approve the Job Description via mail , Or Recruiter will apply for the said post on your behalf.