Live Interview Training

Why Choose Us?

For any jobseeker, an interview is the first step towards his/her dream job. Our live interview preparation services can augment your career growth and help you keep your best foot forward. Our trainers ensure that you come across as confident, pleasing and well-spoken during the course of your interview.

What do you get?

Every interviewee faces a natural amount of anxiety and nervousness during an interview, as you can never be completely prepared for an interview. Our interview preparation trainers would help you revise the basics such as grooming and dressing smartly, organizing documents, commonly asked questions as well as help you develop the confidence to face the interviewer’s questions smartly.

What do we get?

We are not just a mere service provider; our trainers will act as your counselor, guide, and friend. Our interview preparation trainers will equip you with the skills to face any interview confidently and successfully. Ultimately our success lies in your success.

About Live Interview Training

Nowadays it is difficult to stand out of the crowd and reach the position that you are looking for. Every day companies receive thousands of resumes sent by optimistic candidates. We at Jobeela go way beyond the interview advice offered elsewhere and provide you with the feedback you need to become better than the rest.



An interview is the most commonly followed and preferred way to select a candidate. Several companies have also started conducted virtual online interviews especially in the case of candidates who have applied from far off locations. For job seekers also it is easier to interview right from the comfort of their home.

At Jobeela, we give you the tips for preparation of one-on-one interview as well as live interview. We teach you how to tackle the interviewer’s questions intelligently and come across as the candidate they are looking for. As per the recent studies, practice and feedback are one of the best combinations when it comes to cracking job interviews.


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Our Work Process

Step 1

After you avail the service, you receive a welcome call or mail from our team.

Step 2

A dedicated Interview Preparation trainer is assigned to you and a suitable date and time is mutually decided for the session

Step 3

An hour’s session is conducted either via phone or Skype as per your preference.

Step 4

After the session, you can clear your doubts and queries within 1 month via emails.