Background Verification

Why Choose Us?

A verified profile makes it easier for the recruiter to accept your professional skill as genuine and as result building trust among recruiters.

What do you get?

Verify Job System can help your HR and Payroll managers do one less thing

What do we get?

Verifying employment history can be time-consuming, difficult and error prone for a variety of reasons

About Background Verification

Considering the importance of your crucial time and money. Jobeela also offers Verification services through certified agencies which not only make a professional skill stand apart of unverified fake and fraudulent professional skills but also spare you and your organization the effort in getting verified themselves this also elevates your chances of your securing a grade career where you can grow and gain experience.



Education Verification

We want to stop hiring of fake degree’s employee in the organization, therefore, through the process of Education verification, we help our client to hire well qualified and intelligent employee in the management.

We Initiate the education check directly to the college or University and get the verification on Letterhead or with Seal.

Our vision is to provide a well-qualified employee to our respective client then the business could grow up.

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Employment Verification

Employers often run background checks on potential employees when they join the organization to check for their criminal records, address verification, education verification, etc.

A self-background check can help alert you to identity errors in your records. It can also reassure potential clients before they take you on-board.

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Address verification

Address verification is often considered insignificant by most applicants, but what they don’t realize is that most companies run an address verification to ensure the authenticity of your information and to track an employee in case of any organizational requirement.

Various fraud investigations show that there exists a huge discrepancy in the residential address that employees provide as it is quite easy to fake it. When you avail our Address Verification service, we send an investigatory officer on a visit to gather information on your whereabouts at the given address.

Once the address is verified, you will be issued a detailed report, which will easily give your profile/resume an edge over other applicants applying for a job. It will reflect genuineness and credibility and also give your prospective employer a positive image about you.

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Criminal Record Verification


Not conducting a criminal background check of potential employees can be one of the biggest mistakes an establishment can make. This one negligence can expose your company to multiple illegal activities and may also land you into a lawsuit. The only way to ensure that your business has no employee on records with a criminal background and your business is safe and solvent is through conducting a professional criminal background screening, a process to reveal any past convictions or criminal activities by the applicant.

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Step 1

After you avail the service, you receive a welcome call or mail from our team.

Step 2

You need to send your documents which needs to be verified

Step 3

You have to wait for 7 to 10 business days for Verification.

Step 4

After completing the verification process, we will share verified documents with you.